ResilientMarkets is a consulting consortium of interdisciplinary experts applying Regenerative Design Principles to help organizations and systems thrive while making the world a better place. Working with public, private and non-profit teams to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Resilient Markets provides services ranging from executive, governance and board support to renewable energy and electric vehicle technology feasibility analysis, engineering and implementation to clean tech R&D, prototyping, product design and IP to marketing, branding, digital presence, PR and strategy.

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Dr. Mimi Lee is a systems thinker and practitioner with extensive experience working in and consulting to organizations in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Mimi’s diverse background includes revitalizing corporate governance, policy and procedures; building and administering programs for clients with housing, criminal justice, healthcare, and family law needs; leading technology implementation initiatives; mediating hundreds of cases; and, publishing comprehensive online and print resources to help people understand the law, negotiate agreements, and navigate the court system.Because she has held most of the roles from administrative assistant, to analyst, to CEO and Board President, Mimi can move seamlessly between conversations about the ‘big picture’ and daily operations. Her doctorate in Organizational Systems gives her an expert-level understanding of leadership in organizations that have multiple lines of authority. Combined, her unique mix of experience and education helps organizations translate their vision into action; cultivate a culture of excellence and commitment; and align people, processes, and outcomes with core values and long term goals.Whatever the context, Mimi takes the time to look beneath the surface of a problem for factors that might undermine a successful solution, facilitates effective dialogue and decision making, and encourages clients to transform complaints and conflict into opportunity and collaboration.

Sandra Kwak
is an entrepreneur, executive, and systems thinker, applying disruptive innovation to international development to create a regenerative future. She is CEO and Founder of social business 10Power which is providing renewable energy internationally to communities that lack access to electricity. 10Power works with local enterprises and communities to build capacity for solar, energy storage, clean water, gender empowerment and ecosystem restoration. In Haiti, 10Power is working with local partners and has provided project development and financing for solar on water purification centers, health organizations and major International NGOs. Sandra is a board member at the Foundation for Climate Restoration.Previously she worked with AutoGrid to scale the company through $14M in financing from a start-up to a global brand creating energy saving apps for utilities using smart meter Big Data. AutoGrid currently has 2 Gigawatts under management and is creating reliable demand side management and bringing distributed energy resources on to the smart grid. Sandra also Co-Founded and served as President and COO of energy efficiency company Powerzoa, which provides hardware and software for smart building management. Prior, she worked at Pacific Gas & Electric utility implementing the ClimateSmart program, which offsets carbon emissions associated with electricity generation. She has an MBA in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School and a BA in Political Science and Visual Art from Emory University, taught Race, Activism and Climate Justice at SFSU and has guest lectured at CCA’s Design MBA and the Stanford University Atmosphere and Energy Masters Program. Sandra sees renewable energy as the key to providing clean water, gender empowerment and access to regenerative technology – a concept explored in her TEDx talk "Fourth World Nation Building."

Mario Landau-Holdsworth
is an inventor and entrepreneur specializing in go-to-market strategy, business development, fundraising, market analysis and product. His areas of focus are energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and smart grid technologies. He also develops products for the STEM educational market. Recently he has been participating in the stakeholder workshops for grid improvements in Puerto Rico, together with the DOE, NREL and local government agencies. As co-founder & CEO of EverCharge (2009-2014) he invented, patented and brought-to-market the first smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solution for condo and apartment buildings. EverCharge is now the leading EV charging solution for multi-unit properties. Landau-Holdsworth has been granted multiple US and international utility patents for inventions in energy management and EV technologies. He has experience developing products from concept to reality including fundraising, product development, market analysis, and sales.He is a board member of Sail Relief (sailrelief.org), an organization that brings disaster relief and preparedness to remote, isolated, and under-served coastal communities in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and other islands in the Caribbean.Mario also worked as a science instructor at Mission Science Workshop, where he developed hand-on-science educational curriculum and projects for K-12 students and assisted with fundraising efforts, including writing a successful $1M grant from the San Francisco Department of Youth Children and Families in 2017. Landau-Holdsworth holds a B.A. in Economics from Lewis & Clark College.

Dr. Jay Hasty
is a serial entrepreneur co-founding several companies in the renewable energy and clean water sector. From early technology R&D, go-to-market strategy, commercial launch and market expansion, Jay has grown small agile companies up to 50 employees with 1000s of project deployments in over 35+ countries.She also holds a patent in novel biomass gasification reactors and engine conversions for heat, power and biochar. Other projects include the design and bud of a 1M gallon per year biodiesel plant from waste oil. Water technology developments include gasification coupling with atmospheric water deployment which was a winner of the XPRIZE in Water Abundance 2018. Additionally a rapid, zero maintenance system for the 1-step purification of wastewater streams for food & beverage, remediation and industrial process water recycling. She has sat on several technical advisory boards including a waste plastic-to-fuel company in South Africa, an agriculture and energy green-roofs company and an affordable housing, sustainable infrastructure developer.She has been living in Puerto Rico for the last 2 years working alongside local leaders on solar projects post-hurricane Maria in a changing regulatory atmosphere. She worked in a small group of co-founders to start Aceleradora de Cooperativas Eléctricas de Puerto Rico (ACEPR), a program to accelerate the formation and information transfer among electric cooperatives after the recent change in regulation and works with some of the largest commercial real estate holders in PR to develop renewable energy microgrids within their portfolios.

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